the future is now…

for as long as i can remember having skill that i could use to deliver value for others (clients, colleagues and more), i’ve always struggled with time. ever ambitious and continuous expanding these skills, the problem only seemed to worsen as i continued to spread myself thinner. i can tell you how many times i’ve made or heard someone make the joke about needing a “clone of me” to do more..

until last week (for me) the idea of cloning myself was a sci-fi impossibility.. well it’s still not a complete clone option and it’s still very early stage, but i think conceptually and productively a major step in the direction to enabling this happened.

if you haven’t already heard about the generative AI revolution happening all around us, let me say it’s going to change everything over the coming years.

no i can’t clone myself but i can now us AI as an assistant or team to support my tasks. at least in theory, but the following are examples of some of what i was able to generate after playing with this for a weekend…

times square

this video was generated using Blender and an AI renderer. I created a model of Manhattan with OpenStreet Maps data and then dropped a camera in Times Square, then rotated it on Z axis a couple times.. the original models are gray with shitty textures that don’t look real at all, but with a well crafted prompt describing to the AI renderer what i expected it to draw, it rendered a new drawing for all 600 frames.

swift protocols define the Redux pattern

here i’m using ChatGPT to write code. in this example it wrote these protocols. it did better job than many devs i’ve worked with and then it understood how to implement it.

what’s a clean software architecture?

another woefully challenging aspect of being a developer is communicating technical concepts to non-technical people. i am just scratching the surface here, but know that EVERYTHING changes after this.