about me

during the day i architect and develop software solutions. in my free time i can be found engaged in a number of creative outlets: drawing, animating, cooking, woodworking, gardening, making beats or whatever feels right at the moment.

my career in software started around 1998 when i started programmatically drawing and animating in ( then Macromedia) Flash to build websites and other interactive experiences. around the same time i was also doing a lot of video production: shooting, editing, motion graphics and such, but coding was becoming more and more attractive as i was able to do many of the things i’d done in video in realtime.

over the following 10 years, i shifted to completely to development, working as a Flash Developer at a wide number of ad agencies in NYC.

in 2011 (amidst the Steve Jobs vs Adobe battle) i’ll make the switch from Flash (ActionScript) to iOS (Objective-C) and started building mobile apps and games. this year also i’ll accept my first role as an iOS Developer where lead development of Martha Stewarts Crafts for iPad.

in 2012 i joined a kickass iOS enterprise dev shop, where i honed my skills and shaped many of my views as a developer to this day. here we produced some amazing software at impeccable quality. i was fortunate to work closely with software masters. additionally, working in a co-working / incubator space, i was exposed directly to the day-to-day of building startups. i’ll also attend my first WWDC where I was fortunately to be introduced to Eddie Cue after the keynote.

over the next 10 years i’ll work as a contract iOS developer and even co-found a few companies, holding the role of CTO and Sole-Coder, responsible for building numerous mobile apps and supporting services. the technical challenges lead to me embracing AWS and cloud development.

Since then i’ve continued to develop software, focused on quality architectures and code quality. In recent years, I’ve felt a yearning to return to creative work, so i’ve started drawing and animating more and more in my free time, aspiring to build my own animation studio